Mistakes will happen on Social Media – fess up, move on, show you are strong

I get this question a lot when talking with clients, and when presenting on social media:

“But can’t so many things go wrong? Why take the risk?”

And the answer is, YES, many things can (and will go wrong).  Truly, what does go perfectly according to plan?  And with social media, it happens A LOT and VERY QUICKLY.   But the rewards of being able to better connect and communicate with customers and other target audiences makes social media a very important communications channel.

Recently I saw an example of a marketing firm make a BIG mistake but fess up, apologize and move on.  And they looked good in the process, at least in my eyes.

I love the articles and blog posts on www.socialmediaexaminer.com (check them out if you never have – “your guide to the social media jungle”).  And they recently posted an article on Facebook promotions, and how to be more creative with the use of them.  (You can go to the post and see all the comments for yourself.  Very interesting.)

Unfortunately, the original article (i.e. the version that was first posted before it was edited) contained ideas that are NOT in compliance with Facebook rules and policies.  Whoops.  Somehow the blogger wrote the article, and the editors at Social Media Examiner didn’t catch the errors.  Not good.

So after the article went live, the comments BLASTED the blog author and the website for its errors.  That is to be expected – these guys are supposed to be experts when it comes to all things social media!  So while the error is not impressive, I find the response by Social Media Examiner VERY impressive.  A la, yes, we majorly goofed.  We admit it.  We will really try to do everything to be sure this doesn’t happen again.  (And, the website took action SUPER quickly by editing the article.)

Here is what the Social Media Examiner staff/editors (Cindy and Michael, below) posted in the comments, in response to the “blasts” they got thrown at them:

And an appreciate commenter rightly paid a compliment to the Social Media Examiner team for taking the correct action, and responding quickly:

I love this example as a way to point out yes, major mistakes can be made via social media, but there are really good ways to recover from these errors and preserve your brand and look good in the process.  This is a great case study, to be sure.

And I pass on my own kudos to Social Media Examiner for setting a great example for all of us trekking along in the social media jungle.

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