Marketing professional and their relationship with clients – the way it should truly work (with a nod to Eataly in NYC)

So often in our careers, I am certain we have heard chatter about relationships with service providers, whether on the client side or the service provider side. I know I myself have heard, “the marketing professional has to be right – you MUST

listen to him/her.” Or, alternatively, “no, no, the client is right – we need to ensure we do whatever he/she says.”

When people talk about customer service, often times the phrase is, “the customer is always right.” This may, or may not be true. It is not always a clear cut issue.

[SIDE NOTE: But certainly, in every case, the customer or client and his or her needs and concerns must be listened to and taken into full consideration.]

I have to say, it is not everyday that I hear, “it is ok (and in fact can be good) to disagree.” And I agree, it can be healthy and enlightening, and can create even better solutions in the end.

Check out this great image:


I love this: “Through our differences, we create harmony.” And I would add that through our differences, our various ideas, insights and experiences, we can together come up with opportunitities and solutions that can really make a difference in what we do going forward.

Exciting to think of the possiblities, isn’t it? I have to say it is one of the more exciting things about the world of marketing – things are not necessarily clear cut. They almost never are.

The collaboration of clients and professionals together can do amazing things.

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