I’m talking directly with Peggy Olson from Mad Men – and other reasons why I love Twitter so much

I love Twitter. I LOVE it.

I am able to use this tool in such amazing ways – like, um, to talk to Peggy Olson, circa 1965, the trailblazing female copywriter a

t Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce on Madison Avenue – you know all about her if you watch the hit AMC show Mad Men.

(Oh, and I love Mad Men. But that is totally going off topic. Focus, Laurel, focus.)

Back to Twitter. I say this whenever I give social media presentation, and I will say it again right now:

It never ceases to amaze me the connections I am able to make via Twitter. I would not be able to make these connections in any other way.

I have read articles about many amazing people, wanted to touch base with them in some way, and sent them a tweet and gotten a response. Each time the response and emotion I feel is the same: Connection! Yes! Success!

Twitter has become my communication tool of choice at the times I want to make a one-to-one connection, and there are many reasons for this. A tweet is short and concise. It isn’t a big time commitment (unlike an email or old fashioned letter). It is public – meaning the tweet and any response (or lack of a response) are transparent and available for the world to see (again, very different from an email where it is all too easy for a recipient to ignore and hit the “delete” button).

Twitter is also an excellent tool to use to reconnect with someone you have met before but haven’t seen in a long time or don’t know well…..I have used it to reconnect with a Pulitzer Prize winning professor from my MBA days who travels the world talking about his field (negotiations); I have used Twitter to have some public (and informal) discussions with collegues I know well, on topics that invite other voices to chime in as well.

I use it to experiment….and to see, in the world of communications, what is possible. (Like connect with Peggy Olson!)

How did this this Peggy Olson connection happen? I love blog posts at Social Media Examiner, a great resource for staying on top of social media trends. I saw an interview there with Carri Bugbee, who had noticed no one was tweeting for the fictional character Peggy Olson. For fun, she decided to do it. And after some…..discussion (!) with AMC, she has continued tweeting for Peggy (& doing a great job!).

(She has, not surprisingly, many fun stories from her tweeting adventures. You can watch the interview with Bugbee by clicking here if you wish.)

So as an experiment, and for fun, I decided to reach out to “Peggy” and see if I would get a response to a tweet I directed at her (using the @ symbol). I did – and you can see above my actual tweet and Bugbee’s response for Olson.

My favorite thing to do with Twitter is to see what types of connections are possible. And thus my fun experiments, and my never-ceasing amazement and admiration of Twitter as a connecting tool, continue.

Who should I reach out to next via Twitter? Don Draper? Pete Campbell? Roger Sterling?

And I’d love to connect with you via Twitter (http://twitter.com/LaurelinMadison). Facebook is another great tool, (the business page tool is awesome!), and I invite you to join the conversation there well on MMC’s page.

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