And a happy Thanksgiving to all …. + some holiday marketing inspiration from New York City.

The holidays are upon us in a flash – if we blink, they will be gone.

It’s the time of year when it can be hard to focus on work….and it is certainly hard to get consumers’ attention as they have a lot on their mind these days.

I was a bi

t surprised when I spotted something the other day that stuck with me. It happened when I was looking into NYC restaurants – check out this website from Bubby’s (I had not heard of this restaurant until I was looking around on Chowhound). cause marketing

This is neat. A buffet/family style Thanksgiving meal…and “guests are invited to set their own price for the meal and make a charitable donation to help the less fortunate.”

What an amazing concept. A great way to market with a cause – and yes, as you can imagine, there is some buzz about what they are doing on the web (again, how I found out about them).

So if you are in The City over the holidays, consider stopping by their Tribeca or Brooklyn locations. This is a business that certainly seems to be doing a great thing for folks who need help, and they are successfully breaking through the clutter right now to reach people they want to reach.

Cause marketing at its finest.

And a very happy and safe Thanksgiving to all.

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